The Centre for Innovation and Development in Planth Health (CIDSAV) is a research centre of the University of Girona located at the University’s Science and Technological Park with the primary aim of carrying out research, services, transfer, training and dissemination in the field of plant health.

Main aspects are the advice on the phytosanitary quality of plant materials marketed by nurseries and seed producers, the diagnosis and proper application of disease control measures during production, storage and commercialization of plant products.

CIDSAV wants to implement innovation in disease diagnosis and control methods in integrated crop production. CIDSAV has the facilities and Official Permits for working with plant pathogens considered of quarantine (EPPO A2 list) and with GMO plants.


The CIDSAV facilities include two SL2 level biosafety laboratories (EPPO PM3/64 2006 criteria), one located at the greenhouse of the Scientific and Technological Park of the UdG and another at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Technology of the University of Girona at the Montilivi Campus. There is also a biosafety greenhouse authorized by the Directorate General of Agriculture and Livestock, of the Council of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, for research with quarantine pathogens in the European Union and with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). CIDSAV has a specific authorization for working with Xylella fastidiosa in the laboratory and with inoculated plants in the biosafety greenhouse.


The CIDSAV has achieved a balance between private contracts with industry and basic and applied research. One of the aims of our collaboration with the private sector is that it is technologically challenging and related to our field of interest. Our reward is applying the experience and knowledge we have acquired from research projects to the pesticide industry, growers, cooperatives, nurseries, etc…

Currently, we carry out collaborative agreements with a range of private companies and institutions to complete a wide range of services covering most part of plant health.


The CIDSAV is currently developing publicly funded research projects acquired in competitive calls. These projects are grouped into three lines of research consisting of: (1) the study of the efficacy and environmental impact of biopesticide products developed by our group against vine and peach diseases, (2) the pathogenicity of isolates of Xylella fastidiosa, and (3) the development of control methods with antimicrobial and functional peptides administered to plants by endotherapy against diseases caused by X. fastidiosa (sudden death of the olive tree, Pierce’s disease of grapevine, Prunus leaf scorch) and Ca. Liberibacter spp. (citrus greening or Huanglongbing).


Dr. Emilio Montesinos Seguí

Emilio Montesinos is currently Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology at the University of Girona (Spain)(since 1986), and was visiting Researcher in INRA (Angers, France)(1990) and Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University  (Ithaca, NY, USA)(1994). His area of research and development is focused on Plant Pathology (epidemiology and biological control), in the field of biopesticides (beneficial microorganisms and antimicrobial and plant defence elicitor peptides),  for the control of plant quarantine bacteria of economical importance. He is author of  up to 100 scientific papers in SCI Journals (H-index 34) and editor/contributor in several books. He contributed to the development of novel biopesticides with proven efficacy against several fungal and bacterial plant diseases, and some of them are under exploitation. He is inventor in several patents, and has been member of expertise panels of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and of the Plant Health Panel of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). He was President of the Spanish Society of Plant Pathology (2000-2004) and currently he is a Honorary Member. He was honoured with the Narcís Monturiol Medal of the Generalitat de Catalunya to his scientific contribution to Plant Health (2012).  


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