C1 – 25 to 31 of january – University of Aveiro

During the Training Activity 1 held in Aveiro, the MS-SM team had the opportunity to know different realities in each partner country related to their Educational Systems, legal background and integration of OSH into education, as their similarities and discuss the best strategy to follow in order to communicate more efficiently and promote the interest of the different stakeholders of the project in each country. It was asked to each partner to provide elements about national and education policy OSH strategies, if there were any, describe the secondary education level paths (including vocational and professional), such as teachers education and training systems and learning process, and methods for general secondary schools, OSH resources and educational material. In the training sessions we also, discussed what should be the main competences to teach OSH, besides the competences that teachers already have. Yet, what were the most suitable learning methods and techniques, to stimulate students, and promote the awareness about OSH and Safety Culture benefits.



C2 – 23 to 29 of october – Bucharest (INCDPM Alexandru Darabont) – http://www.inpm.ro/index.php?language=en

In Training Activity 2 in Bucuresti several professionals from education, training and OSH areas, were also invited to share their experience and knowledge with the MSSM team.( see video in the following link).