Beyond the initial expectations, we reach to achieve the O1 Workshop accreditation by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council for the Teacher’s Continuing Training in Portugal, on the one hand, may be made available to all teacher training centers on request and, on the other hand, credits may be awarded for progression of the teaching career (in this training is allocated 1 credit).

We tested in the field the training program with teachers, with 18 teaching hours and 18 hours of practical work on this subject:


1st Accredited Workshop – “Education for Safety and Health at Work and Safety Culture”

Marinha Grande   Teachers Training_ CCPFC/ACC-92845/17

Secondary School Calazans Duarte, Marinha Grande


2nd Accredited Workshop – “Education for Safety and Health at Work and Safety Culture”

Ponte de Lima   Teachers Training CCPFC/ACC-92845/17

Ponte de Lima Secondary School



In Spain the team of teachers of the Science Education Institute of Girona (FOL TEAM) includes in their agenda and develops activities the promotion and participation of MSSM project. Currently the module of FOL is a cross-sectional credit that we find in all professional cycles (both middle and upper grade) and is also an optional subject Baccalaureate. An specific training recognised as a continous training for teachers was organized in Girona (link) course overview (moodle) .