FEMenGINIt is a project that aims to increase gender diversity in the classrooms of engineering and architecture studies, as we firmly believe that diversity is rich. One of the activities promoted by FEMenGIN is to bring together “EPS women” in the same space: students, teachers, PAS and professionals, to exchange experiences based on the proposed sizes.

Every time there are fewer female engineers and that is precisely why there is a movement at all levels (business-academics, local-global) to correct this situation. The data collected in different organized days, forming part of a diagnostic study to know the factors that determine the decision of women to choose engineering studies and to identify and visualize the possible barriers that make women not engaged to Engineering.

This initiative is supported by the Polytechnic School from the conviction that diversity enriches and that from a gender perspective, specific actions must be taken to improve the presence of women in the world of engineering.. 


Beatriz Lopez

Computer Engineer

Inès Ferrer

Computer Engineer

Marta Baena

Industrial Engineer

Bianca Innocenti

Electronic Engineer

Núria Mancebo

Industrial Engineer

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