International Seminar Touristic Territories

“Tourism imagery and the construction of contemporary landscape”

Organized by: Research Group Architecture and Territory

Dir.:  Nadia Fava , Marisa García Vergara

University of Girona.

Girona, 23-24-25 January 2014.


The seminar’s goal is to analyze the impact of tourism on the transformation of cities and territory. Tourism is a phenomenon that connects and addresses architectural and urban planning discourses and social and cultural policies regarding the methods of constructing tourism-related imagery. This imagery is created through multiple intervention strategies, multidisciplinary discourses and practices that project and construct myths, desires, and utopias related to implicit or explicit realities.

Since the second half of the 19th century, architecture and urban planning have promoted projects, discourses and methods to elaborate icons with which to feed the potent machine of mass illusions promoted by the new modern industries run by large national economies. Architectural works and urban projects that have become city symbols, artistic works that allude or make references to the city, literary or cinematographic works, novels and short stories or guide books that recreate urban scenes, urban project reports or institutional discourses, policies that construct the modern city between myths, dreams and reality. This process, however, has never been as evident as it is now. Since the 1960s, numerous studies have investigated this phenomenon. These sessions are aimed at evaluating the impact that tourism imagery, its infrastructures and the architecture resulting from it have had on the formation of modern territory.

Key issues

  • Urban, territorial or sectorial policies referring to tourism: areas of definition and their relation to and impact on the urban, rural and coastal territory.
  • Architectural and natural public heritage processes: policies, models and reflection regarding specific cases.
  • Architectural typologies related to the tourism phenomenon and tourism urbanization models, as well as their influence on urban policies.
  • Modern urban planning models: reflection and real impact in the spatial organization of the territory caused by tourism.
  • The images and models of the tourism phenomenon as a reflection of a city project