Strengthening local entreneurship as way to foster tourism in Llagostera

Last January, the group Architecture and Urbanism signed an agreement with the municipality of Llagostera to strengthen entrepreneurship and trade. The result of the agreement will be a program establishing guidelines whose aim will be to invigorate trade in Llagostera. One of the guidelines will focus on renewing old stores and opening new ones. The program will be elaborated taking citizens’ opinions into account.
In the Pictures, we can see Dra. Nadia Fava explaining the plan to the authorities and neighbours of Llagostera.

Round table. From the countryside to the table: food’s future challenges. Food and Gatronomy Campus (UdG)

The debate will take place on wednesday 12th December at 16’00h and will turn around: current situation, problems, challenges and future of the distribution chain for proximity products

– Where does what we eat come from?

– Do we know the economic and social consequences of our daily shopping list?

– Is it possible to eat only proximity products?.

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Architecture and Territory


The “Architecture and Territory” research group focuses on architecture and urbanism as complementary disciplines in the public realm that respond to contemporary issues . Architecture and planning history embodies the preferred tools to investigate  their mutual relationship in a political, socio-cultural and economic context. The group revolves around understanding the present issues in architectural discourse and their historical precedents and aims to yield knowledge that can be made explicit through multidisciplinary, comparative and interpretive study.

Exhibition: Le Corbusier, Barcelona, November 30th 2017 – January 18th 2018


November 30th 2017 – January 18th 2018

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier, was a multitalented creative figure who brought very different disciplines together, making them engage in a dialogue, while maintaining an intense and rich discursive character that was important to the world of art in general and architecture in particular. He was an architect, planner, inventor, designer, philosopher, writer, poet, activist, polemicist, developer and also a painter.
This exhibition looks at his pictorial work and aims not only to analyse its main characteristics but also to raise awareness of its importance, as drawing and painting were both major aspects of his professional career.

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Catalogue by Marisa Garcia Vergara